Why a 10 foot drill bit?

10 feet allows you more than enough length to drill a continuous hole inside a conventional 2”x4” wood stud wall for up to a 10 foot ceiling house. For example, you can drill from the attic to the crawl space of a single story structure. Other uses are for drilling through ceiling joists from one can light to another up to 10 feet away. Or you may need to install new copper or flexible water lines, gas lines, etc. The uses are only limited by your imagination. 

What should I consider before ordering?

First, you should determine a suitable location that does not have electrical wire or pipes so you will have a clear path for the drill bit. Also, you must consider if you have access from above and below and if there is a minimum of 45” headroom. Because of the headroom requirement, you should not plan to drill in an exterior wall. Interior walls generally do not have insulation that could twist around the bit. 

How do I place an order?

This website has a complete shopping cart ordering system for your convenience. You will be able to place your order using PayPal.

For custom length drill bits or other custom products please send an email for more information.  

Can I buy sizes other than 10 ft?

Yes, you can buy just one 3' or 3 1/2' section. Custom lengths are available on a prepaid basis.  

How will you ship my order?

UPS or FEDEX Ground. You can have your order expedited for an additional cost. For expedited shipping, please contact us before placing your order to determine additional shipping costs.  

Is there a quantity discount?

Currently you will receive $5.00 off a second “The Original” 10 foot drill bit when shipped together. In addition, each order includes a coupon for $5.00 off a second order. Give it to a friend or use it yourself.  


What if I do not like the product?

Send an email stating why you are dissatisfied and we will make all reasonable efforts to fix the problem. 

In 10 years I have never had a single complaint about the quality of the product or how well it performed.

Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes, send an email with your request for specific parts and we will rush your order. 

Many customers order single sections or additional sections with their complete 10FtDrillBit extension. 

Can I connect additional sections together?

Yes, each section will connect with any other section. I have had customers connect 2 complete 10FtDrillBit extensions and successfully drill 20'! See my Customer Testimonials page.


See Customer Testimonials

When will my order ship?

We always have inventory of complete extensions so they will ship the same day or the next depending on when the order is received.

Custom products will of course take longer.