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"The Original 10FtDrillBit" extension uses both standard spade bits and quick-change hex spade bits. You can also use any other tool with a 1/4" hex shank - screw driver bits, brushes, socket adapters, etc. limited only by your imagination! See pictures below.

“The Original” 10 foot drill bit is designed for the home owner/DIY'er and used by professionals. It is hand-made and hand-welded in my small shop. It ships as 3 parts – one 3’ section and two 3 ½’ sections. Using your own ¾” -1 ½” spade bit, drill through the top plates of a conventional 2”x4” interior stud wall. Then insert the 3’ section holding your spade bit into the hole. Attach one of the 3 ½’ sections by tightening the two set screws with the enclosed hex wrench. Feed the drill bit down to the cross brace. Carefully judge when the bit is vertical and centered on the cross brace. Attach your drill and bore a hole through the cross brace. Just like “drilling for oil”, attach the last 3 ½’ section and lower the bit to the bottom plate. Again vertically align the bit to the center of the plate and bore through the plate and floor system. Now you can attach the wire, cable, or pull string to the bit from under the floor and pull it into place as you remove and disassemble the bit.

Note that it is your responsibility to ensure there are no electrical wires or pipes in the wall!

Choose a location with a minimum of 45” headroom. Interior walls are preferred so you can avoid insulation. Be careful to hold onto the drill bit so it does not fall into the wall. Tighten all set screws firmly before drilling. It is a good idea to wrap each joint with duct tape for extra holding.

You can expect some amount of wobble, but it will efficiently drill a perfectly good chase with this  long drill bit extension.