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10FtDrillBit.com is my small business and my products solve problems.

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As a homeowner, and do-it-yourselfer, I am often adding ethernet cables, phone lines, and electrical outlets to my house. I hate seeing exposed wires and pride myself on doing a professional job. I have spent hours running these wires inside the walls with common tools like fish tapes and coat hangers to hook together and pull the wires. This works with enough time and effort if you only want to go down through the floor. But sometimes I need to pull the wire from the attic down to the outlet box. I built my house with plenty of cross braces to make it strong and that creates a problem with pulling wires. 

So I designed and built a 10 foot drill bit. Friends and family laughed at my idea, until they realized how easy it is to run new wires. Now they call me to borrow my bit.

You too can own a 10 foot drill bit. Each bit is carefully hand-made and hand-welded to ensure you receive a quality product. No fancy millwork or polished finished. What you get is a strong, quality product that will do the job. Just follow the easy directions to make pulling new wires a snap.

Custom product inquiries are always welcome!