David C. Sivesind: "Can I drill 20 feet?"

Drilling the attic:

Dear "The Original" 10ft Drill Bit family,

Looking at a job that had to be done in a two story home which "had" three bathrooms and a mix of three different rooms that shared one 15 amp breaker. This made it impossible for more than one family member to get ready at the same time using multiple bathroom appliances. I looked for a tool to help me save time to run new 1/2" conduit from the basement to the attic (more than 16') without the hassle of drywall patching, painting and re-wall-papering. My plan was to put each bathroom on its own 20 amp breaker and living in DuPage county Illinois, the code requires the running of metal conduit. This is when I found the "The Original' 10ft Drill Bit. Made in the U.S.A. is what caught my eye, along with a drill bit 10' long. 

Using your web site Contact page I sent an email with my story and was answered very quickly. I asked if the 10' drill bit would work as a 20' drill bit. The answer was a truthful and honest answer; 


You can see this is 2 floors down to the basement:

Hi, David.

I have not tested going through 2 floors. Two bit extensions would connect together, but I am afraid that you could have some problem with controlling and keeping the bit vertical for that distance. Yes, you should use a standard spade bit. 

Keep in mind that my extensions work well for a home owner/handyman. I am working on a heavier duty, commercial version, but my prototypes are not ready yet. 

If you are drilling through standard 2x4 construction, with cross-braces, etc. and want to try to drill through 2 levels, I will work with you , with the understanding that it may not work.


This was worth a try, and having a tool that many do not have is a major plus to me. 


20' later I'm in the basement:

In a couple of days I received my new tool and could not wait to use it. The time came and I located the only two places in the house to drill a straight line through the house. Picking the shortest path using 1" spade bit with a Door Jamb in the way, giving me a 1-1/2" square space to work with, through the first level, I gave it a try. Following the directions to the "T". The bit wobbled allot just as suspected but within a short time I have a perfect straight hole to run my conduit from the basement to the attic with out damaging any drywall saving countless hours patching, painting, and wallpapering. A 4-day job turned into a half day job.

I have attached a couple of pictures. To explain is short detail, after drilling I used the drill bit to help pull the 8' sections of conduit up through the wall, this made it so much easier. It takes allot of patients but to any one trying this I suggest to use a larger spade bit to allow the set-screws connecting the pieces of conduit to make it fit through easier.

"The Original" 10ft Drill Bit Gets a A++ from Me. 

Price............................10 Cannot beat it (Worth a hole lot more)

Quality.........................10 Looks and feels to last a life time (Made in the USA)

Way of doing Business..10 Very comfortable, 

Ease of use..................10 Wow, simple and takes no space to store

Over All........................10 Does more than expected

I look forward to seeing this tools upgrade to heavy duty (not that it needs it). I also look forward to seeing it in the specialty tool stores. This tool saves time and money. It gives me more time to do more jobs and saves my customer more money allowing them comfort to do more through their home. 

"I am a collector of tools and "The Original" 10ft Drill Bit is by-far one of my favorites. It is worth its weight in gold, I love it."

Thank You "The Original" 10ft Drill Bit Family

David C. Sivesind

Naperville, Illinois 


Jett Industries:

May 9, 2014

"We used it and it worked great. As I told you we were drilling a PVC pipe that was inside a tank that we couldn't get into.

We put a Small PVC pipe around the drill so you can hold it while you are drilling.

It worked great thanks"

Jett Industries

Glenn Hunter:

Dec 22, 2012

Your drill bit extension was a success! I was trying to run some network cable from the attic through the eaves to a camera on the outside of our house. However, there was a span of about 8 feet between the eaves and the closest point in the attic that I could access. With your extensions and a 3/4" spade bit, I was able to easily drill all the way through from inside the attic. I can't tell you much hassle these extensions saved me. Without them, I would have had to run the cable outside under the eaves for quite a distance, which would have been unsightly.

Glenn Hunter

Satellite City Instant Glues


Again; this tool saved me some money, Cox Cable wanted $200.00 per drop to go thru a wall brace.  I did it myself with ease & did 9 drops. 

Thanks for making a helpful money saving tool.


Lafitte, Louisianna


Love the product!  Very sturdy.  I expected it to be flimsy.


Panama City, FL

David R:


25 December 2008

I used your 10 foot drill bit extension today for a tough project.

It worked like a charm, and made my job very easy.

It was worth every penny…Thank you very much.


David R

Whitby Ontario Canada